Hot Induction Bends

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Manufacturing Standards:
ASME B16.9

3D Hot Induction Bends, 5D TO 20D Hot Induction Bends, 45D Hot Induction Bends, 90D Hot Induction Bends, 180D Hot Induction Bends, J Bends, Piggable Bends

Pressure Rating:
Sch10 up to Sch160/XXS

1/2″ to 48″

Face Types:

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Stainless Steel:

  • ASTM A182 Grade : F 304
  • 304L
  • 304H
  • 309
  • 310
  • 316
  • 316TI
  • 316H
  • 316L
  • 317L
  • 321
  • 347
  • 904L ASTM A 815
  • UNS NO S 31803
  • S 32205
  • S 32760
  • S 32750
Carbon Steel:

  • ASTM A234 WPB
  • WPBW
  • WPHY 42
  • WPHY 46
  • WPHY 52
  • WPH 60
  • WPH 65
  • WPH 70
  • ASTM A420 WPL3
  • A420WPL6
Alloy Steel:

  • ASTM / ASME A 234 Gr. WP 1
  • WP 5
  • WP 9
  • WP 11
  • WP 12
  • WP 22
  • WP 91
Nickle Alloy:

  • ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 2200 ( NICKEL 200 )
  • UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201 )
  • UNS 4400 (MONEL 400 )
  • UNS 8020 ( ALLOY 20 / 20 CB 3
  • UNS 8825 INCONEL (825)
  • UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600 )
  • UNS 6601 ( INCONEL 601 )
  • UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625)
  • UNS 10276 ( HASTELLOY C 276 )


3D Hot Induction Bends

10 D Hot Induction Bends 45 DEG

20 D Hot Induction Bends 90DEG

20 D Hot Induction Bends 45D

20 D Hot Induction Bends

What is the Induction Bending Process?

This process utilizes high-frequency induction heating to heat and bend pipes or tubes with pinpoint accuracy. It ensures structural integrity and precise dimensional outcomes.

Induction bending is also known as the hot bending process. It enables the production of pipes with larger diameters and circumferences.

Here are some parameters that can affect the process of hot bending

  • Bend Angle
  • Pipe Material
  • Surface Contamination
  • Pipe Temperature

Shree Metal Industries creates hot induction bends that are durable. It also plays an important role in petroleum, power plants, oil platforms, chemical industries and shipbuilding yards and refineries. We heat pipelines in a way that helps to produce hot induction bends that have multi-dimensional uses all over the world.

The Importance of Induction Bends

Induction bends hold paramount importance in numerous industries. Mainly it focuses on the industries where fluid conveyance is a big part. Induction bends play a crucial role in demands for precision and longevity of the industries. Its work is to ensure the flow of liquids, gases, or solids seamlessly in the pipes. It holds the durability of the piping systems.

Different Application for Hot Induction Bends

Hot Induction Bends are versatile components with a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some of the different applications for Hot Induction Bends.

1. Oil and Gas Pipelines
Hot Induction Bends are commonly used in the oil and gas industry to change the direction of pipelines, allowing for efficient transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and refined products.

2. Petrochemical Plants
In petrochemical facilities, Hot Induction Bends are employed to direct the flow of chemicals and hydrocarbons through intricate piping systems. Their ability to maintain flow rates while changing directions is invaluable in these highly sensitive processes.

3. Power Generation
Hot Induction Bends find applications in power plants, where they are used to manage steam, water, or gas flow within boilers, turbines, and heat exchangers. These bends help optimize energy production and distribution.

4. Shipbuilding
Hot Induction Bends are integral to shipbuilding, helping manage fluid flow in various vessel systems, including propulsion, ballast, and cargo handling.

5. Chemical Processing
In chemical plants, Hot Induction Bends facilitate the controlled movement of corrosive and volatile substances. Their resistance to corrosion and pressure drops ensures the safety and efficiency of chemical processes.

Types of hot induction bend pipelines available

There are four different types of material-grade induction bend pipelines that we use:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Nickle Alloy

Shree Metal Industries offers hot induction bends in standard 45 and 90-degree angles. These induction bends are customised to the large section of industrial demands. Exporters’ of hot induction bends that we create have unique chemical properties.

Features of the hot induction bending machine we use

Shree Metal Industry use the most economical manufacturing procedure for the most advanced hot induction pipe bending machine.

Our high-quality induction pipes are best used to be instantly set up with a minimal cost.

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, our bends endure extreme temperatures, pressures, and corrosive environments.

By minimizing turbulence and pressure drops, our bends enhance the efficiency and reliability of your fluid conveyance systems, making them a wise investment for your projects.

Shree Metal Industry offers the best induction forming solution for a business with the latest use of technology. Our machines can bend steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, alloy steel and spun cast more effectively with minimum accuracy.

Why Choose Shree Metal Industries’ Hot Induction Bend Pipes?

Selecting Shree Metal Industries’ Hot Induction Bend Pipes guarantees an array of benefits.

Our bends are manufactured using top-tier materials and adhere to the most stringent industry standards. It ensures the top-notch quality. Every bend is crafted with precision and in exact specifications. It delivers the optimal performance in your systems.

Shree Metal Industries’ hot induction bending machine gives a better advantage in comparison to cold blending. We produce pipes with zero wrinkles. Also having precise angles and bending radii. Shree Metal Industries also gives the option of customization to incorporate diverse needs.